Protect yourself from Airborne Pollutants with a Face Mask for Pollution

Protect yourself from Airborne Pollutants with a Face Mask for Pollution

The rapid urbanization of many cities has caused an increase in air pollution levels which in consequence, caused a surge of volatile organic compound (VOC)-related diseases in many people who are chemically sensitive.

As the manufacturing industry became increasingly more rampant in many cities in China, India, the United States, and many other countries, the pollutants present in the air also increased. In turn, using a face mask for pollution such as the EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask for Pollution & VOCs has been regarded as the best solution to protect you from these harmful elements.

Why You Should Wear a Face Mask for Pollution

Why You Should Wear a Face Mask for Pollution

The importance of wearing masks which filter harmful air elements has been emphasized by many studies where researchers indicate that using a face cover-up for pollution can minimize a wearer’s exposure to harmful pollutants.

A face mask for pollution can be used against airborne particles, given that the best air pollution mask has an efficient anti-pollutant filtration system. Based on research, residents of Beijing and other countries which have reported high levels of airborne pollutants have reported masks were effective in helping them prevent or minimize the occurrence of respiratory ailments.

With this in mind, you can protect yourself and your family from these elements by using an air mask for pollution which can be used by adults and kids alike.

Pros and Cons of Using Air Mask for Pollution

Several advantages and disadvantages stem from using an air mask for pollution. Some of the advantages include:

1. It can protect you from airborne particulates which are hazardous to your health.
2. Manufacturers have a wide range of stylish designs and wearing one to work won’t be a problem.
3. Face masks are affordable and can be reused, depending on the variant you have chosen to buy.

Some disadvantages of using an air cover-up for pollution include:

1. It may get in the way of your normal breathing, making it a bit irritating to wear especially on hot days.
2. Some are not reusable, so you may have to buy one regularly.

If you want to make the most out of these advantages and minimize the disadvantages, then you should be choosing the air masks and other filtration products with the best quality. Choose the best air pollution cover-up for home and everyday use.

When to Wear an Air Filter Mask for Running

If you are leading an active lifestyle and frequently go outdoors, then you should be using an air filter mask for running and cycling. Using an air filter cover-up for running is sure to help you maintain your normal respiration (as much as possible) in contrast to normal face masks which can get in the way.

Doing so can help you keep your lungs healthy, given that your cardiovascular endurance will be developed while minimizing your pollutant exposure.

Use the Best Air Pollution Mask

Use the Best Air Pollution Mask

Using an air mask for pollution can provide you a lot of benefits, and you can make the most out of these benefits if you buy the best air pollution mask on the market. With this in mind, suppliers have made a face mask for airborne pollutants more available, given that you can buy an everyday fashion face mask for airborne pollutants from a simple shop.

You can even buy an air filter mask for running and cycling which, is highly useful, especially if you are leading an active lifestyle outdoors.

Fight Pollution and Other Environmental Allergies with Bike Face Mask: A Buying Guide

Fight Pollution and Other Environmental Allergies with Bike Face Mask: A Buying Guide

Airborne allergens can cause pollution and other environmental allergies and even initiate and aggravate asthma attacks.

While you can free the interior of your home from these triggers with thorough cleaning and use of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, it is a different situation when you are outside. You can never completely steer clear of pollutants and allergens, among other possible triggers.

However, you can lessen your exposure to bothersome outdoor irritants and particles by wearing EnviroKlenz breathing mask for pollution & VOCs or other proper fitting bike face mask.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bike Face Mask for You

how to improve lifespan of your bike face maskThe Type of Filtration of the Bike Face Mask

The type of filtration of the bike face mask will be determined by what you want to filter.

Is it gas vapors which irritate you? Do you intend to filter airborne particles?

Gas vapor filtration absorbs tobacco smoke, smoke given off by fire, fragrances and perfumes, exhaust and fumes. The absorption occurs through a charcoal or carbon activated filter medium. Fumes from chemical solutions such as paints, cleaning agents and adhesives are also filtered by a mask focusing on gas vapor filtration.

On the other hand, particle filtration includes prevention of dust and dirt, pollen, mold spores and pet dander from being ingested by your air passageways.

There are masks which can protect you from both gas vapors and solid particles.

Either way, a good type of filtration of bike face mask will be able to trap at least 95 percent of particles or gas vapors of 0.3 micrometers or larger. This percentage is also called the filter rating, and the higher the rating is, the better the filtration system of the bike face mask.

The rating should also include how much the mask dispels or disperses heat, which is a normal result of putting on a mask. Try reading through reviews and recommendations of other wearers in order to compare and contrast the different filter types and ratings of different brands.

The Longevity or Lifespan of Service of the Bike Face Mask

Bike face masks with replaceable filtration system, as well as those which are semi-disposable, can be used for 60 to 70 hours, while disposable masks can provide good protection from allergens for about half that time.

It varies greatly based on use and how long you wear your bike face mask. In addition, the longevity or lifespan of service of the bike face mask depends on your respiration rate and the kind of environment you are using it in.

Is it a heavily polluted environment? If so, then you cannot expect the optimal duration of service from one specific mask.

All these things affect the longevity of your mask.

The Storage

filtration system of your bike face maskIn addition to the longevity of the mask, the way you store and care for it plays a role too, particularly with the non-disposable type.

Your mask must ideally be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. It is also good to seal them in an airtight plastic container or bag. Never immerse them in water as this will damage the filtration system.

Ultimately, you choose quality over anything else while considering the price or your budget for your choice of mask.

Top 5 Signs That You Need an Allergy Air Purifier for your Home

Top 5 Signs That You Need an Allergy Air Purifier for your Home

Portrait of young woman with coffee mug and medicines suffering from fever while covered in quilt on bed

Do you struggle with allergies? If you do, we are sure that you have spent countless hours searching the Internet for HEPA air purifiers to help you with your allergy symptoms. What we always run into a lot with our new customer is their lack of knowledge and experience in purchasing air purifiers and what they should be looking for prior to purchasing.Although there are a number of natural and affordable means to treat allergic reactions, most folks prefer to go the faster route and purchase an allergy air purifier to scrub the  air in their home.

Finding A HEPA Air Purifier For Allergies

Let’s start off by answering the age old question of will air purifier cure my allergies? The answer is no they will not fully remove your allergies but they will provide you will instant comfort when breathing the air in your home and if your purchase a good one it will remove allergy triggers and VOCs that can be a detriment to your health.

When it comes to whether air purifiers function to help deal with allergies, you will find that they do in many situations. In all honesty, it depends on upon the kind of air purifier that is used. To learn more about how air purifiers might have the ability to give you with a remedy for your allergies, as well as details on what type of air cleaners must be purchased, please proceed continuing reading.

To recognize precisely just how air purifiers could aid those with allergic reactions, it was initially important to know just what they are. Air cleaners are makers, that are typically small in size. Their goal is to remove contaminates from the air. Although air purifiers are advancing in technology, many depend on using air filters. These filters will trap a number of the contaminants airborne, avoiding them from reentering.

Sick man blowing his nose in tissue paper on bed at home
Sick man blowing his nose in tissue paper on bed at home

As for what type of contaminates are removed from the air, you will certainly locate a variety of usual particles gathered and also eliminated. Common air infects that are removed include dust, dust, allergen, pet risk, secondhand tobacco smoke, mold, and mildew, as well as mold. As for just how this can aid those struggling with allergies, many typical allergic reaction victims have allergies to tobacco smoke, family pets, dirt, and also mold and mildew and also mildew. When these items are eliminated from the air, a lot of will see relief, potentially even today.

Removing VOCs with a HEPA Air Purifier

Considering that there is a likelihood that an air cleaner will be able to give you with a remedy for your allergy signs, you may have an interest in getting one. If you are, you could be questioning exactly what type of air purifier is the best. With a multitude of air cleaners presently offered for sale, you will certainly discover that you do have a variety of different alternatives. First, you will intend to examine those that flaunt that can aid with allergies. High-end air purifiers and also those that utilize HEPA air filters do set you back even more money, but many find them well worth the costs.

As for just how you can deal with purchasing an air purifier, you will certainly additionally find that you have a variety of various choices. Many customers like purchasing online. This is since online shopping is easy as well as convenient, but they likewise get to thousands of retailers all with a couple of clicks of the mouse. If you have yet to choose which type of allergy air cleaner you would like to get, you might wish to initially do a bit of research study online. If you are going shopping locally, you should check out your local residence improvement shops.

breathe-easierAs wonderful as it is to know that an air purifier might be able to assist your with your allergy symptoms and as good as it is to know where you could discover and acquire them, it is also essential to understand the best ways to effectively use them. To seek the ultimate level of relief, a whole home air cleaner is recommended. If you could not pay for the price of one, make certain to meticulously select the rooms that you put an air cleaner in. Spaces that you make use of the most, like your bedroom, or spaces where your allergic reactions trouble you the most need to have an air purifier in them. Utilize your air cleaner as high as possible, specifically when you are a residence. If your air purifier uses an air filter, be sure to cleanse it or change the filter when needed.

As a recap, air cleaners work by eliminating bits from the air, consisting of just termites, mold and mildew, mildew, and also pet dog dander. Those struggling with allergies almost always seek a decline in the signs when an air purifier is made use of. Air cleaners can be located readily available both in your area and also online.

Areas of the Body That Are Commonly Affected by Allergies

allergic-reactionsAllergies are now common, and it can affect anyone of any ages at any time. Allergies happen when the immune system reacts to the allergens entering inside the human body. Allergens are the harmful foreign substances that are present in foods, environment, drinks or even in the air. There are certainly many kinds of allergies and the causes vary. Fortunately, there have been many treatments to cure and aid the allergies, and the medicines can be found easily over the counter in most of the pharmacies or drugstores. The treatments would depend on the kind of allergy.

Allergens have many types and kinds too and depending on the allergen entering inside the human body; one may get to experience different symptoms and signs of allergies. Take this for example, when someone is allergic of shrimps, the most common symptom is rashes. Another example would be the allergies towards pollen grains; when someone with allergies to pollen grains happens to breathed in pollen into his nose Usually, the symptoms or signs are sneezing, coughing and colds. Also, symptoms can vary, and they can happen in different parts of the body depending on the type of allergies a person has. Allergies can affect the different parts of the body at the same time.

Symptoms in Lungs and Chest

When there is an allergic reaction to something, sometimes asthma can occur, and this may lead to a more serious problem. By the time the allergen is breathed in, what happens is that the lining of the passages of air towards the lungs and throat swell making it so hard to breathe for someone. However, not all cases of asthma are caused by allergens, but sometimes allergens play a percent rate of the asthma cases.

allergy2Symptoms in Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Ears, Nose and Throat, are connected to each other that is the reason why when an allergen attacks any of these body parts. Eventually, the connected parts are being affected as well. When an allergen in breathed in, histamine is being released causing the linings of the nose to produce more mucus than the usual and normal production of mucus and then the linings become inflamed and swollen. The symptoms are a runny nose, itchy nose, colds, coughs, violent sneezing and sore throat. The eyes may start to produce water also.

Symptoms of the Skin

blausen_0014_allergicdermatitisAllergens can attach the skin also. There are some allergens present in the air, thus for those who are having skin allergies, they get too sensitive with the airborne allergies. The symptoms and signs of a skin allergy are eczemas. An eczema is being manifested with a dry, reddish and itchy skin. And another common symptom of a skin allergy is the urticaria; this is commonly known as the hives. Urticaria is manifested with itchy white bumps which may appear like insect stings and bites. However, airborne allergies are not the usual causes of skin allergies; food allergies may also cause these skin allergies.

Symptoms in the Stomach and Bowel

Another part of the body that reacts when the allergen enters the human body is the stomach because this is where the food intake that contains the allergens directly go. A stomach can get upset when there is an allergen present in the human body. Food that causes allergies are peanuts, shrimps, dairy products and other seafood. Cow’s milk or any kinds of milk may also cause the stomach to get upset because there are some people who are lactose intolerant, which means that their body is not able to digest the milk; however, this must not be confused with an allergy.