allergy_iconsAccording to some recent research done by the World Health Organization, more than 12 million people of the world’s population experience some kinds of allergies in their lives. That means that about one in every thirty (30) people experience food allergies and this number is continuously increasing especially in younger ages, like the children under three (3) years of age. It was also found out that the prevalence of food allergies is growing at a very fast rate.

With this growing concern, good news, there has been a very noticeable trend of different food companies to keep their clients, customers, and buyers happy and safe. There have been so many trends that we at Portail et Portillon have adapted to the companies to help them with the allergen management. There are so many simple and easy ways for a company to maintain their rank on top of the new trends within the world of new and trending allergen management.

Good thing that this website is now trying their best to address the growing number of people having allergies to some products. The aim of this company is to support and aid the food-allergic community and at the same time giving out preventions and precautions to other people. In this website, you will learn some of the new trends in food safeguarding and how to prevent from frequently experiencing allergies.