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As a automatic instant noodle making machine supplier, loyal fried instant noodles production line design good manufacturing process, instant noodles manufacturing process can mixing flour, water together, through the mixing ,rolling shape ,steam cooking, frying to make round or square instant noodles for sales. Automatic instant noodle making machine is the production of new generation which developed by our company based on similar productions from overseas and domestic market. Fried instant noodle machine has high technology, compact structure,original design and stable performance. Whole instant noodles machine line linkage synchronous acceleration and deceleration program control whole line realizes synchronous coordinating control, digital display of cutting frequency, and nonstop adjustment of noodle piece weight production line features automatic control of frying temperature, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, low oil content of noodle cake and high rate of q ualified product. The produced noodles have the characteristics of delicious , crispness, smoothness and chewiness.

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